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Monrovia's Snowflake Creeping Phlox details and information. The Creeping Phlox grows about 4 inches tall, stays green all year (in mild climates) and gives masses of color in early spring. Find mixtures for your region, or for special uses such as dry areas, partial shade, attracting animals, low growing, and more. Many of them will perform better if they are dug up and divided (split) every few years. Deer resistant. 2.6 out of 5 stars 2. 99. Creeping Phlox are ground hugging evergreen ground cover plants. (Phlox paniculata), ‘Snowflake’ Creeping Phlox carpets the spring garden with pure white, star-shaped flowers that last several weeks. (Phlox subulata), A must-have for shade gardens, 'Chattahoochee' Woodland Phlox blooms with fragrant, star-shaped lavender flowers with maroon centers from late spring to early summer, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Click here to view our General Gardening Guides. Blue Flame® Garden Phlox (Patent Pending), Phlox paniculata Blue Flame® (Patent Pending), White Flame® Dwarf Garden Phlox PP#16,259, Woodland Phlox Blue Moon, Wild Sweet William, © 2020 All rights reserved, Find the Right Perennials for Your Garden, Watch Our Spring-Planted Flower Bulb Videos, Watch Our Fall-Planted Flower Bulb Videos, Free Ground Shipping Right To Your Event Or Business, Attract Pollinators & Do Good For The Environment. I have not had any flowers. (Phlox subulata), 'Blue Flame' Phlox delivers gorgeous blue blooms on bushy, compact plants. At 18 inches tall, this one is perfect for containers or the garden's front row. Load a photo in our search bar! (Phlox amplifolia), 'Emerald Pink' Creeping Phlox is famous for its blazing pink blooms and evergreen foliage that work together beautifully as a groundcover or colorful landscape accent. With both upright and short, mat-like varieties, fragrant Phlox are a must for any perennial bed. Phlox can be divided every 3-5 years in spring or fall. Creeping Phlox - Garden Phlox Plants for Sale - Large Selection - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Attracts Butterflies & Bees - Buy NOW - The healthiest flowers start here! Phlox is a hardy and versatile plant that can grow in numerous soil conditions. It belongs to the Polemoniaceae family. Plant the native phlox in the fall from seed, though you may also find hybrid transplants in the nurseries in spring. Home; Phlox; Skip to Products. Phlox may be found in a variety of colors, from pink to red and and white. … Very cold hardy. Star-shaped flowers pair beautifully with e... 'Blue Paradise' Phlox is noted for its unique, true blue blooms that deepen to violet under the heat of the midday sun and fade back to their original color again by nightfall. $9.99 $ 9. Needle-... White Flame® Dwarf Garden Phlox offers all of the flower power of its bigger cousins, but in a compact, manageable size. Spectacular spilling over the edge of a stone wall, cascading across boulders in a rock garden or pouring out of mixed containers. Needle-like, evergreen foliage forms a dense mat making a lush groundcover perfect for cascading over walls or across slopes. (Phlox), 'Blue Moon' is a lovely native Phlox groundcover featuring clouds of rich violet-blue blooms that float above green foliage. You will be notified when this product is in stock. We often have similar items available, so please utilize our search or filters (on the left) to explore other options. Support local wildlife with native wildflowers. Strong northern-grown field divisions sent. Although it is perfectly at home on flat land, to appreciate this plant in all its colorful glory, it might be best to place it on a slope, where the blooms can be properly seen and enjoyed. Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks. You can unsubscribe anytime. Turn a dull, lifeless garden into a lush landscape with phlox from Spring Hill Nurseries. Plant arrived in good condition. Promotion Available. Phlox add brilliant color and vertical interest to the summer garden. While an annual might initially produce more blooms than the average perennial, it is because annuals grow from seeds and spend all of their energy on creating flowers and greenery. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Blades are needlelike and less than 1” long. Wildflower seeds native to your region. £16.84 £ 16. Thank you! Allowed to spill and trail over walls, slopes, and container egdes, low-growing 'Emerald Pink' will bring the garden to life while cleverly hiding any trouble spots. The right tools make gardening a pleasure. Light Requirements Full Sun Part Shade Inspired Introductions New for 2021 Signature Series Genus Phlox GeneralBloomColor Pink/Red Blue/Purple Moon Gardens Mixed/Variegated RESERVE YOUR FREE SPRING 2021 CATALOG . Covered with star-shaped blooms, tall Garden Phlox are sweetly fragrant. Cushiony mats of fine-textured foliage burst into bloom, blanketing the garden in star-shaped flowers and attracting pollinators. Leaves are awl shaped with smooth edges and pointed tips. Lovely planted along a walkway, tucked among the boulders of a rock garden, or cascading over a rock wall or the edge of a planter. (Phlox paniculata), Amazing Grace Creeping Phlox welcomes spring with a flush of white blooms bearing a vibrant magenta eye. A versatile plant will spread gently, forming an attractive mid-height groundcover that fills and truly enhances a garden design. Creeping Phlox comes in our choice of red, blue, white, or pink. (Phlox paniculata). Step by step instructions on how to plant your spring-planted flower bulbs when they arrive. Very fragrant, each colorful bud starts out a deep shade of indigo and slowly opens to reveal petals of barely-there blue surrouding violet centers. These perennial plants are best known for their profuse, carpet-like blooming habit that makes them an excellent choice for a ground cover or dense border. Over 110 choices for fast color, such as poppies, cosmos, sunflowers, zinnia, and many more. Phlox Plant. Drought-tolerant, deer resistant and extremely easy to grow. Phlox from Burncoose Nurseries Varieties of Phlox available to buy include the following: PHLOX paniculata 'Border Gem' ,PHLOX paniculata 'Bright Eyes' ,PHLOX paniculata 'Chattahoochee' ,PHL ... Plants by mail order since 1984, over 4100 plants online today! $24.99 $ 24. Cart with 0 items Cart. Extremely easy to grow, its early ... 'Blue Flame' Phlox delivers gorgeous blue blooms on bushy, compact plants. Lovely on its own or paired with other summer-blooming perennials, such as echinacea and rudbeckia. They combine beautifully and easily with a wide range of perennial plants and flower bulbs. This is beautiful. Deer resistant and drought tolerant once mature. They have beautiful flowers clusters, which smell delicious. (Phlox subulata), Winner of the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit, 'Red Wings' Creeping Phlox is an incredibly tough native perennial. Star-shaped flowers pair beautifully with evergreen, needle-like foliage. Coming in a variety of solid or bicolor hues as well, these dazzling perennials can completely reshape a garden when used to fill in space or add contrast. The Phlox plant was originally found in North America and comes from a Greek word meaning ‘flame'. Deer resistant and tolerant of dry spells, 'Fort Hill' is a great choice for spilling down banks and cascading over walls. Live plants will ship according to our Spring Shipping Schedule. 'Scarlet Flame' Creeping Phlox ushers in spring vibrantly with its star-shaped, magenta-pink blooms. Shop Savings Services Ideas. (Phlox divaricata), 'Red Riding Hood' Phlox brings brilliant, berry-red flowers to the garden on compact plants. Blades average 3” on sterile stems and ¾” on flowering stems. PLANT DESCRIPTION: Phlox subulata is a diminutive groundcover that forms moss-like mats of evergreen foliage. Less water, less mowing, and no pesticides. Creeping Phlox for Sale Online - Greenwood Nursery. The following items are either out of season or we've sold out of our inventory. The purplish-pink flowers cover the plant and will continue with a slight shearing of old blossoms. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Oops, there seems to be an error, please re-enter your email address. 'Starfire' Phlox is a standout variety with striking, cherry-red flowers and dark burgundy-bronze leaves. Creeping Phlox also spreads rapidly, covering banks, spaces under tall trees, and other places where you want color. Special Features & Videos for Phlox. Choose Creeping Phlox for a low-growing groundcover that spreads into a carpet of color, even over poor and rocky soils. Drought tolerant and deer resistant, use this perennial groundcover to spill down banks, spread under trees, and lend its joyful color to hard to manage areas. Buy Phlox plants easily online! In mid-to-late summer, pure white panicles of star-shaped blossoms top the strong 12-18” stems, attracting butterflies, bees, and moths. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They are vigorous growers and ideal ground cover plants for difficult edges and rock gardens. (Phlox subulata). If anything we sell fails to grow in your garden, we will replace or refund your order. Special Plant Features & Tips. Colors are white, pink, orange and purple. Not sure what it is? They establish quickly with full sun, and are known for their pleasant vanilla-clove fragrance. Plant 'Scarlet Flame' in tricky areas like steep banks and rock walls to watch its flowers skillfully spread. (Phlox subulata), 'Fort Hill' Creeping Phlox delivers deep, rose-colored blooms that create a carpet of fragrant color on the garden floor in early spring. (Phlox subulata), 'Goliath' Phlox yields tall clusters of wonderfully fragrant purple blooms that add height, color and immediate joy to the summer garden. New Arrival 100 pcs/bag phlox plants,Phlox seeds phlox flowers bonsai flower seeds 10 colors potted DIY home garden plant 11. £38.00 £ 38. Phlox plants are very popular in cottage gardens and typically one of those ‘must have’ plants. Menu. Phlox A perennial-garden favorite. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Highly fragrant, 'Red Riding Hood' attracts hummingbirds and butterflies to its nectar-rich blooms. Long-lasting blooms begin in mid summer and deliver their bold color throughout the late season. 50% Off Spring-Planted Bulbs - Pre-Order For Spring. Bristly evergreen foliage mounds gently and creep... 'Blue Moon' is a lovely native Phlox groundcover featuring clouds of rich violet-blue blooms that float above green foliage. Disappointed but I'm sure it will be fine next year. In one color, or as a rainbow, creeping phlox creates one of the most dependably perennial groundcovers you can plant. Attracts butterflies. We are a traditional plant nursery and garden centre in the West Midlands, situated in a canal-side setting in lovely open countryside. Sign Up For Our Best DealsAnd get $5 off your first qualifying order. Deliciously scented, phlox are as sweet on the nose as they are on the eyes. Long-lasting blooms begin in mid summer and deliver their bold color throughout the late ... 'Candy Stripe' Creeping Phlox produces striking blooms in hues of pink and white atop masses of evergreen foliage. Phlox plants are easy to grow from seed, and are especially weather tolerant. Please feel free to browse our selection and sign up for our newsletter to be notified when these products are available for next season! Excellent in rock gardens. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. In the spring, cut back the previous year’s growth and fertilize. Creeping Phlox makes an outstanding groundcover for sunny banks and terraces where it is difficult to grow other plants. Spires of majestic foliage are adorned with a plethora of star-shaped flowers that form an undulating blanket of colorful blooms when planted together with other phlox. A drought-tolerant evergreen, this perennial groundcover creates a dense mat of 6... A must-have for shade gardens, 'Chattahoochee' Woodland Phlox blooms with fragrant, star-shaped lavender flowers with maroon centers from late spring to early summer, attracting butt... 'Emerald Blue' Creeping Phlox is a fast-spreading, low-growing perennial groundcover that creates a carpet of pale lavender-blue flowers in spring. Spires of majestic foliage are adorned with a plethora of star-shaped flowers that form an undulating blanket of colorful blooms when planted together with other phlox. Shop Savings Services Ideas. A North American native wildflower, tall phlox naturalizes easily and make a delightful addition to woodland and cottage gardens. 3.6 out of 5 stars 5. It did really well then I planted it in garden. On top of that, the perennial plants give you huge, billowing clouds of white flowers. This plant can help to bring butterflies, birds, and hummingbirds to the garden area with its bright coloration and fresh scent. Also a Phlox and tallish, but not a Tall Garden Phlox (plant names are weird that way) is the remarkable Phlox ‘Fashionably Early Crystal’ PP28679 which defies conventional wisdom for bloom time and disease resistance.

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