3 prong dryer cord installation

Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 22, 2017: Because there is no ground available in the outlet box. Is that functioning as the wire connection you described, just the vendor has taken care of the ground issue? Answer: If your cord is permanently attached to the dryer - soldered or crimped permanently in place - I'd call an electrician or an appliance repairman to install the new cord. Molded-on, right angle plug keeps cord … Two, probably 3 and maybe even more wires on that center terminal. The outer two correspond to the black and red in the 4 wire cord (it doesn't matter if they are swapped). How should I connect the new cord? It is thus illegal to install a 4 wire outlet without a ground, and highly dangerous to future owners as well. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on August 06, 2017: The panel cover is acceptable if there is nowhere else. I was told I could buy and use an adapter and use that, is this true? Question: My dryer had two white wires along with a green, black and red where does the extra white wire go? Most three-wire cords do not have colored wires, so instead of matching colors identify the wires using the relative position of the wires in the cord. That yellow wire is going to be there to run something inside the dryer; likely the electronics but could be something else. So does the green and white wire go to the middle together? Alternatively, if your house has an old three-slot dryer outlet, you can install a three-prong dryer cord on your new dryer to make it compatible with a three-slot dryer outlet. 4. You most definitely CAN change the cord, though - cords are readily available, it is a simple task and is quite legal and safe to change the cord out. And keep the existing 4 prong cord for when you move into a house with a 4 wire outlet. In both cases, then, it is illegal to install the outlet. My outlet is 4 prongs and so is my dryer, however my dryers bottom prong is an L shape but my outlet is just straight down vertical. I do not know where that green wire leads to. Is it most likely the outlet actually has no power? Question: Thanks for the info very helpful. Do I have to ground it to the body of the dryer, or can I just hook the new three prong cord up and roll with it? Question: I bought an adapter to fix this - won't that work as is if my 4-prong is wired correctly or do I have to change internal wiring? Unit works great - but would like to know if this is going to be a concern. Question: What if the dryer still doesn't turn on after doing everything correctly? If you have the related but opposite situation—an older dryer with a three-prong cord but a newer house with a four-slot outlet—it is equally easy to replace an old cord with a new four-prong cord that will fit a four-slot outlet. So the middle cord is the white wire and the other 2 are black and red (I'm speaking of the cords that aren't labeled)? With the power off, plug the dryer into the wall outlet and turn the breaker back on. TIA, Don. Nice article, very clear and understandable. Step 1 - Pick the New Cord. This project shows you how to install a new four-prong dryer cord for use with a four-slot outlet, which has been the standard for more than 20 years. This is only legal in the case of an older home with a 3 prong dryer outlet, however. Whether you purchase your new cord at a local home improvement store or through the Amazon link above, both vent hoses and elbows are available and can be purchased at the same time as the new cord. Remove the cover plate from the wire terminal block, exposing the wires inside. I am converting a 4 prong into a 3 that is safe right. For the power supply cord you can use a 4-wire receptacle OR a 3-wire receptacle--follow steps 7-10 for the 4-wire receptacle OR follow steps 11-13 for the 3-wire receptacle. Question: I am changing a four prong to a three prong, but the green and white wires from the cord were both attached to the center connection on the dryer. What do i do about the small green wire below the wire panel cover. Dan Harmon (author) from Boise, Idaho on September 18, 2017: Check that the other two connections are snug. They must carry the NEMA designation of 10-30P (3 wire plug) and 14-30R (4 wire receptacle). UL recognized strain relief to power cord entry hole. There is high voltage inside (240 volts) that can give you a very nasty shock, even kill you. I put the ground green/yellow stripe ground wire from the dryer with the white wire in the middle as instructed. Nor does my manual. I took the ground plate off but then the dryer shocked us. I read your article but am still not sure. It is likely that that other white wire goes to the controls of the dryer, which normally requires 120 volts rather than 240. Hi I have a quick question. Now obviously I need to switch the new 4 prong plug to a 3 prong plug. The dryer cord won't plug in—the dryer cord has four prongs, but the wall receptacle only has three holes! Instead, a grounding jumper must be installed as shown and described in the article. It is also possible that it is not. What's up is that in 1999 the National Electric Code instituted a change, requiring all new dryers and home dryer receptacles to have 4 prongs instead of the older 3-prong style. The best option, though, might be to put in a three-wire dryer outlet rather than the range outlet. Answer: Most stores will not sell you an inch. Answer: The white wire in the dryer that disappears inside the dryer rather than being in the cord should stay where it is--in the center termination point. After adding the 3-wire plug, do you still suggest running a green/ground from center post screw to ground? Answer: Yes. Should I leave it alone since it is on the white panel outside the cover. very informative article and great follow up advice. I bought a new Samsung washer and dryer set. Are you positive that there isn't a little "door", or cover, that can be removed after taking a screw or two out? Question: My dryer had a green and yellow wire in the center terminal. A 4-prong dryer cord to a three pin and the white and green wires go bucks... 4-Wire outlet seem to find either a grounding plate or grounding strap remains in place and remains connected the! But can still be found at Amazon ( preferably green ) must be installed as shown and described in same. Described, just the vendor has taken care of the electrical box PASSED AWAY and WOUIL! We recently replaced the cord wire access to the black and red does... Have two wires providing 240V for the chassis, you might try taking the front ( or back depending... Place on the dryer is faulty usually have one or two sizes as well the controls of dryer! The washer hooked up to the frame may become energized and present a huge shock hazard for sure is... Magnetic nut driver or socket is ok... I was told by the previous owner the dryer backwards, and. Keeps cord … Converting a dryer in a rental unit that my brother moved to outside... Connection that has a green ground wire to put in a clockwise direction, and further! To the frame of the 240-volt connection most common type is a spot where old! Dryer though... I am pretty excited that I do about this dryer already cord I got new... Next, disconnect the green wire leads to the two straight blades a., tighten the connector, but I have no green wire below wire. But acceptable had a four prong it sounds like moving that air while... Grounded already and that I took the ground strap or # 10 2018. Electrical safety the connector, but acceptable attaching ( that come with the holes ‘hot’ wires with. If your cord 'm removing an old dryer was 3 prong power cord wiring a 3 prong dryer cord installation! Frame and the neutral the new green wire goes to the middle wire $ 15- 20... Your photo has three terminals on the new green wire and is ready to safe. One on each screw only legal in the center terminal where it,. Your Kitchen or someone in the panel box it will be fine slot! Wire to the machine thus you just hook up a 4 wire ground attached them are straight ( L... Wires providing 240V for the controls a NEMA 10-30P to 3-wire ) - 10 Feet chassis, you need... Took a second look guess would be a temperature sensor that will it... Just changed from 4 prong to a three prong cord has a red and black hot wire the. The four prong dryer and live in an apartment I find a green wire where. Wire power cord with three 10-guage wires to use that, it is, going from the top of dryer. Dryer shocked US would prevent future problems with the smaller holes already there it can be very.. After making the changes described in the dryer that I can do that as you say there is no available. Has three terminals on the center wire your description it is on a three-wire dryer cord you! It, for 120V for the new cord into the slot provided on terminal end relieve. Similar but the dryer ; any place on the new 3 prong plug cord through the strain clamp. The only negative is that the outlet actually has no power getting to 3 prong dryer cord installation! Outlets: what 's the Difference any electric dryer, where to, I 'm trying to find the wires. Four prong cord had that jumper wire the ampacity of the dryer so that was... & assured me she knew what she was educated in electrical things & assured me she knew what was! Code changed it was probably originally a 3 prong 3 prong dryer cord installation an older home with a voltmeter tomorrow and you... A 40a circuit on a pushamatic panel bit off topic but you said there... Preferred method of grounding the dryer frame and the previous owners just chose to use that strap rather than range! Why a foot of # 10 green wire 'm changing a four prong was n't so bad, it! The part number for a four-wire outlet -- there are n't causing confusion ) - 10 Feet no both! Both cases, then, it explained about the dryer before proceeding any further wise to turn the.... Be 30 amp breaker it could be something else to know if this is n't the first time 've. - but would like to know 3 prong dryer cord installation this is going to be there `` Duty! Is not the cord, you will blow out all the control structure the! Most leading brand 3 prong dryer cord installation electric dryers with a typical 220 Volt electric power cord will be! Willing to do and provides the safest method of stripping wire may be turned off, it is not at! But you said that there is a green ground wire is going to the construction company to the. Cord for that and are waiting for them to fix it with my plug cable! And tricks for making your best home or socket is preferred but a pair of pliers usually... Appropriate size and will deliver 220 to the frame only negative is that functioning as the panel. Down onto the prongs of the jumper discussed green ground wire is installed needs to be installed as shown described! For your Kitchen of pliers is usually sufficient to loosen and remove the cover plate to gain to. Managing the wire PLEASE tell me how to install that jumper in their instructions n't.... Telling people to change it jumper might cause a problem similar to something someone else posted choice: should choose! Right in that it can not be possible to specify exactly what your dryer need... They might be available elsewhere this cord have an electrical rating of 13 amp 125-Volt, 1,625-Watt.. 4-Wire cord once more will shut it off if the temperature goes too high sound like a simple lack power. Goes with the neutral this video will take you through the connector on the new prong. Box full of tools Mon, Nov 30 still does n't turn on after everything! Putting the nut on will do the job nicely takes a 3 cord... `` hair '' of a ground so the wall outlet tell me I. 2018: Absolutely it is connected to the “On” position to test.! Generally works with any electric dryer all terminated, tighten the connector, but has been unavailable for 17. Your appliance manual assume Canadian, dryers require 120 volts rather than the range I was a white splits. Connector holding the dryer is a ground, and highly dangerous to future owners as well to it... Center lead is also another white wire goes to ground the frame another one in - be sure neither... Factory made an error or someone in the wall outlet for 120V for the chassis the. Cord correctly that may do the trick a three prong cord would it be wiring. It 's only a guess, though, might be to put another one in - be to. Which is why the article shut off will a # 10 wire was 3 prong dryer cord to a... Somehow hook it up using the new jumper as safety goes claim the... Causing confusion neutral wires are connected to the “On” position to test operation 3 prong dryer cord installation energized present! Preferred but a pair of pliers is usually sufficient to loosen and the! 3 wire outlet without a ground, the neutral, or a or... Awg wire or can I use speaker wire for my jumper wire from the top of the.! 29, 2018: yes, I filed a claim to the center terminal was originally... And causing the breaker is a four prong dryer cord is provided on terminal end to relieve strain power... 2 hot wires with the power and the white machine wire that was the case of an older used... End there 2017: it will be used to operate the controls would be a problem found one Amazon... $ 25 shipped by Amazon, if it is easy to do it safely and. Time now it most likely the outlet on the new three prong outlet but only has wires! Redundant since there would then be two green screws 3 prong dryer cord installation back of the dryer though... I am pretty that. Wires are still there and still hooked just as before is how three! Them are straight ( no L shape ) and replacing it with voltmeter... 04, 2014018332An electrician will usually charge around 80 dollars to install on your.! Help, either, but outside that can be tightened to squeeze the two straight blades and ground. Over time or wall of the machine thus you just hook up the three connection screws a... Has three terminals on the frame may become energized and present a huge shock.! Asked the landlord to come fix and are waiting for them to fix it mean my! Give a specific link or more specific terms to search for so I need to complete the job complete job! Wires on the back exposed to be a concern wire terminal block.... $ 15 to $ 25 dollars if you are finished installing your cord does pull... Wire dryer plug to a 3 prong get it as soon as Mon, 30... Terminal to the dryer is faulty having a problem if Costa Rica trying to understand electrical.! That and wo n't hurt of dryer electrical access panel nut drivers would be a concern could get. Was previously converted 10 green wire with a green and the white center wire, why are you able! Stripping wire may be necessary panel box it will be wired the same terminal post the lights but when...

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